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Winning Small Land Deals With Real Creativity

Alex Harrington-Griffin, Founder and CEO of TrustedLand and Developers Boardroom, comments

An 80-year-old low key Developer called Dr. Laurie Marsh produced one of the greatest pieces of development literature ever published in my view. But you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who knows him or the book, titled ‘The Philanthropists Tale’. I met Dr Marsh working as a temporary trustee for a North London charity who needed to redevelop their site, and was instantly fascinated. His book highlights his vast success in London in the 60’s, all underpinned with a consistent theme – thinking OUTSIDE the box.

TrustedLand’s first return to physical land events in June gave us the opportunity to bring to light some of our own Real Developers’ successes alongside these vital themes that proved to be the difference between these small sites happening, or slipping away to others.

Immanuel Ezekiel, Director of Broadwing Homes and Sky’s Property Elevator pitch star, gave the land and developer guests an account of creating a joint venture setup on a £1.9m GDV site, Prentice Place, with a very tight margin, which ultimately landed them the project, and boosting the vendors land receipt, resulted in attracting better finance terms for Broadwing.

Delivering on the agreed returns and protecting the relationship, Immanuel and his team managed to bring the same vendors in to finance their next project, Castlepoint, of 7 apartments and 3 houses, with a GDV of £2.6m, significantly reducing his risk and exposure, and time to secure.

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