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Editor's Introduction December 2020

Editor Richard Bowser comments

I am quite sure that many of you will remember 2020 for the rest of your lives (hopefully long ones), given what we have collectively experienced was likely not in our ‘playbook’ some nine months ago.

As the year draws to a close, as highlighted in our front cover imagery, there are a fair number of ‘risks’ to be navigated ahead if we want our lives and property businesses to move forward next year. As I write this column the nation’s collective economic fate hangs somewhat in the balance as the four-year ‘game of chicken’ with the EU draws towards a conclusion, with neither side seemingly ready to blink in their protracted negotiations. By the time you read this, the HGV lorry queues in and out of Dover may well be lengthening as December 31st looms but maybe, just maybe, some common sense will prevail?

Turning to the contents of this edition our lead article on page 15 looks at Urbanisation trends, which many have questioned this year as Covid has impacted our lives. A good number of people worldwide - not just in the UK - have been reassessing life’s priorities and looking towards greener pastures.

As always our long standing contributor John Corey offers his unique insights and makes some very telling points on the theme of ‘town v country’ living in his article on page 50. 

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