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Tenant Experience Software and its Value to Property

Kathryn Rogers of Cripps Pemberton Greenish with Hannah Lloyd-Jones at District Technologies, comment

Tenant experience software is designed to enable landlords to better understand the experiences of people using their buildings. This type of technology may have been considered ‘nice to have’. But in times of crisis, the flow of data between landlords and tenants has become ‘a lifeline for those depending on timely information’.

Landlords need data to better understand building usage. This influences energy efficiency, access controls and tenant communication. The pandemic has brought the need for these controls into sharp focus.

So, how can landlords start to invest? In this piece, we ask one tenant experience platform, District, to tell us about their platform and we highlight what landlords need to know about procuring technology and complying with privacy laws.

The social value of property: an example of a tech platform leading the way
District is a provider of tenant experience software, offering a mobile-first app for tenants in commercial real estate buildings. The app provides events, news, building amenities and community features as well as the ability for tenants to make payments and bookings.

District recently launched an analytics dashboard called Insights Explorer. Insights Explorer allows landlords to identify trends on how their space and services are being used. Landlords gain a deeper understanding of their tenants’ requirements and are able to back up their intuition with truly data-driven decisions.

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