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Editor's Introduction May 2020

Richard Bowser comments

“Here we are again, happy as can be” - lyrics used in a popular song, originated in Britain, going back over many years and which can be interpreted in any which way you choose.

It’s very clear that many people are not ‘happy’ with their current situation due to the impact of Coronavirus on our everyday lives, and sadly, that reality looks set to continue for many months unless an effective vaccine is rapidly deployed, which currently seems unlikely. Some sectors of the economy such as the aviation and tourism industry are looking into an abyss, where employment trends could be quite bleak for many months, if not years.

As such, and being keen to find worthy, topical but relevant subjects to report, apart from the Pandemic, and which will impact many property investors and developers in the years ahead, we found possibly an even bigger long-term threat for humanity to highlight this month, as you can read on page 16.

Of course the overwhelming item on the agenda is the day to day impact of C-19 and once again many of the articles this month are related to this, including that on page 21 where you can learn how some entrepreneurial landlords and developers have been adapting to the challenges on their property businesses posed in the C-World. 

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