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How Valuable Are Property Investing Courses?

Veteran international investor John Corey comments

If you want to spark a debate online, ask about the value of courses for property investing. While I doubt anyone would ever say education, in general, is bad, there are a lot of negative comments about property education companies, specific gurus, and strategies.

We tell ourselves that we make decisions logically. The science says we make emotional decisions and use logic to justify them. Behavioral economics shows that people will make a poor choice when emotions in the market are running high. The standard advice from property investing seminars and books tell us to focus on the numbers. Do not get emotionally attached to a property is the mantra. And yet it happens all the time.

We talk about trusting our gut as if the midsection is part of our brain. No part of anyone’s gut can make a logical decision. We throw around language as if made-up stories and superstitions are the same as numbers and facts.

Education works
One of the reasons various societies or countries have advanced is because of rising education levels. Those of us living in the UK know that higher education pushed the nation past where we would be without formal education. So, the issue is not education.

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