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Editor's Introduction October 2019

Richard Bowser comments

The latest twist in the seemingly endless Brexit saga will result in Parliament reconvening after the Supreme Court ruling went against Boris Johnson. Meanwhile as we report on page 9 the Labour Party have been debating some ‘innovative’ ideas as to the most effective ways of ensuring that developers stop developing property for profit and that many landlords will likely go bankrupt.

It’s all gone way beyond parody, although we did try with this news ‘analysis’ item, but which ever side of the political divide you might personally favour, do not take offence at our attempt to inject a bit of humour into this month’s edition.

Turning to a much more serious subject than the political and economic future of our nation, this month we have our usual eclectic mix of articles here in this edition, including two investor interviews from which I believe various lessons can be learnt and reflected upon.

On the subject of learning lessons, as John Corey alludes to on page 46, overly-optimistic and seemingly underfunded property developers who overstretch themselves while using their investors’ funds, need to think carefully about the consequences of their personal actions if xx unexpectedly happens.

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