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Across the Pond - Act 2

Veteran international investor John Corey updates us from the USA

As I mentioned last month, I am spending some time in the USA for the balance of 2019. A few weeks here and there with a return to the UK to co-host the monthly meeting I run in London. While in the USA, I am staying just south of Philadelphia, PA.

Grant Cardone
Some of you will know that Grant was the closing speaker at the 10X Property Super Conference held in early June. It was held at the InterContinental Hotel by the O2 Centre in London. One thousand four hundred (1,400) property investors paid to attend.

Grant shared his model for building a real estate portfolio worth a bit more than $1bn. Digging into the details, I have been studying his model and translating the model back to the UK market. Grant has shared a lot of info on YouTube and other sources, so I was able to work out the details. He registers his investment vehicles ('funds') with the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission; similar to the FCA). Without trying to say if what he is doing is good or bad, it has been educational to tickle out the details of his strategy.

Here are the highlights. Next, I will explain two possible paths for the readers of Property Investor News™.

The 6 steps to the Cardone Capital model
1. Build an audience
2. Establish trust
3. Product
4. Relationships
5. Regulatory approvals
6. Offer for cash investors

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