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Editor's Introduction July 2019

Richard Bowser comments

This month our lead article on page 16 looks at the concept of co-living and it’s not the first time we have highlighted it here. As you can read inside, the UK’s first conference on co-living took place recently and a snapshot of some of the event’s content is summarised within the article.

I’m sure that some of our more traditionally-minded landlord readers, with many years of experience of running HMOs, might be raising eyebrows at this point when the word ‘community’ is mentioned but I’d suggest to pause and reflect. The phrase ‘change is constant’ is ever more obvious in society at large as the digital technology revolution gathers pace and impacts ever more on how we live and work.

The world to which I and many readers were born into, in post-war Britain, has massively changed and the aspirations that my generation took for granted are no longer felt by many Millennials, who have very different views as to how they want to live their lives. Property investors, developers and landlords who ‘act like an ostrich’ with their heads in the sand could well rue the day they chose to ignore the concept/trend of co-living and its implications for their property businesses. Sermon over!

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