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Editor's Introduction June 2019

Richard Bowser comments

Our lead article on page 16 this month: ‘Is now a good time to buy at auction?’ is an overdue summary of what’s happening around the UK currently in the property auction rooms. A simplistic response would be that it’s always a good time to buy, if the quality of the deal and the price you pay represents ‘good value’ for you. Of course not every auction lot will fit your buying criteria, and the reality in recent years is that in many London property auctions, personally speaking, I would have quite often preferred to be the seller not the buyer, such has been the appetite to buy at auction.

On page 30, Adam Lawrence also mentions buying at auction as one of the ways that property deals can be sourced if you do some thorough research. This is the first of a series of articles from Adam who I interviewed in our April edition and on the basis of his first piece here I am certainly looking forward to reading more from him in the months ahead.

This month’s investor interview on page 21 is with Manni Chopra who has been a familiar face at many property events over the years. I am sure that more than a few readers will relate to the ups and downs of property development highlighted in this article that she and her husband Romey have experienced.

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