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Editor's Introduction April 2019

‘May you live in interesting times’ - is a phrase once used by Robert F. Kennedy in a speech in 1966, but it certainly is very applicable to the current political quagmire over Brexit at Westminster.

In times of uncertainty it’s always a good idea to consider your strategy to ensure that your business and investments are based on sound principles and that you have alternative exits or strategies if the market suddenly changes. Inside this edition we have at least four articles which should aid that process, including this month’s main investor interview with Adam Lawrence on page 20.

One of the key points made in the interview is that when you strip away all of the component parts, success in property investing is achieved by ensuring that the ‘numbers’ consistently add up. The other key point I would make is that the strategy being employed by Adam is one that some people have turned away from in recent years despite it being ‘time-proven’ and pretty robust when done correctly.

A number of property developers, in particular around London and the south east of England are now realising that their numbers are not adding up as they thought they would and some are being called to account by their lenders. Some are also discovering that in specific locations where buyers have become very cautious, their theoretical ‘Plan B’ of renting out stock is not as easy as previously assumed due to regulatory changes on lending policies.

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