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Fear of The Future

Veteran international investor John Corey offers his latest thoughts

Will people have jobs in the future? Is AI going to eliminate paid work for the masses? Will people have an income to pay the bills, including the rent owed to landlords like you and me?

Is the UK economy going to stumble given all the indecision associated with Brexit? Will independence from the EU make the country more nimble or a fringe nation, playing at the edges of global commerce? If the UK economy is 80% based on services, why is the service sector the one thing not being discussed in the Brexit agreement?

On the housing front, what transformations are coming - micro-flats, co-living with co-working spaces? Will people require parking at home when autonomous cars make it less likely people will buy a car in the first place? If individuals do not own a car, how will commuting, leisure travel, and package delivery change? Will business travelers ride overnight in a vehicle with a bed rather than fly plus stay in a hotel? Is the sleeper train from London to Scotland a beta test for such travel?

Some of this stuff can be scary. It is human nature to prefer stability rather than change. We are creatures of habit.

Does it matter?
The big ideas for the future have no impact on us most days. We go about our lives without changing what we did during the prior days and weeks. Until something breaks or fails to work, why switch?

I used to work in the tech sector. My working day then was 100% focused on ideas, products, and services planned for some date, years in the future. Nothing I was working on was available in the present. I can remember a few times wishing that what I was doing would have an impact immediately. It was frustrating waiting for the future to arrive. After a few years of this, I would notice how many of the things I worked on did not turn out as expected - neither in a good or bad way. The future evolves and what you thought was essential or required does not turn out that way. The future does not turn out as expected even when what you did directly helped define the future.

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