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Editor's Introduction March 2019

In recent weeks I have been speaking at a number of property events around the UK and whatever is being said in the wider media about Brexit, it’s very clear to me that people and businesses are ‘getting on with it’. A quick glance at the skyline in Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester will reveal a multitude of cranes at work on a whole variety of construction projects in our major city centres. In the south east region around London, every suburb or town that I drive or commute through seems to have a plethora of new house building projects underway.  

By the time you read this column the UK will have less than two weeks left before our departure from the EU on the 29th March, but that process could be stopped or delayed if our politicians decide otherwise.

The short-term political outlook may well be unclear but as our lead article on page 16 underlines the advance of technology is an unstoppable force with automation, robotics and digital technology set to transform many workplaces in the 2020’s.
Society and the way we live and work is changing in front of our eyes and the implications for those with property businesses is clear and ‘sticking your head in the sand’ will very likely only lead to one outcome.

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