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Editor's Introduction January 2019

Richard Bowser comments

As the New Year commences we have recently experienced a period of heightened volatility in financial markets alongside the ongoing Brexit dramatics at Westminster. The FTSE All-Share Index ended 2018 some 15% down on its summer peak, with volatility in stocks and shares prices at their highest level since Q1 2016. Gilt yields fell to their lowest in a year with growth in consumer credit slowing and with house prices in a number of locations now into reverse gear or stagnating.

There has been a tightening up in financial market conditions and as such we are seeing lenders pulling products or amending their lending criteria as caution becomes more evident. By the time you read this January edition who knows what might have happened at Westminister given all the intricacies and emotion-led politicking surrounding our imminent divorce from the EU.

How much does any of the above impact on your property business or investing plans for the year ahead? How resilient is your business and your customers’ ability to buy one of your latest property development units or to even pay their rent to you as their landlord? Only you can answer these questions which many should at least be considering as we peer into the murky mists ahead. It’s definitely a mixed picture for property values as our news report on page 20 confirms with some northern cities currently enjoying robust property markets and buoyant developer sales.

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