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Laying The Foundations…

Kelly Lemon, updates on her property portfolio activity

I am back from the retreat and it’s full steam ahead on the development front. As I mentioned last month we have secured our next site on a subject to planning basis. This month I have spent most of my time putting the team together, setting out the strategy and getting everybody on the same page working towards the same objective. I have to say it’s been rather fun and one of the things I enjoy about the process is pulling it all together.

We are a few weeks into our lockout period and I have been busy getting plans drawn up in preparation for our planning application whilst getting a good understanding of the structure of the building. I am working with some new members of the team which is allowing me to expand my team and get a different perspective which is always good. As always the main challenge is communication and making sure we are all talking the same language. So far everybody seems to be pulling together and with an imminent personal project nearing completion (more on that in the coming months) everybody is working at speed.

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