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Editors Introduction July 2018

After a series of reports this year looking at prospects for property markets in the likes of Liverpool and Manchester, inside this edition our regular monthly location report looks at Heathrow and what's occurring within the outer west London surrounding area.

The Cabinet had previously approved plans for a third runway at Heathrow but I am not sure that too many readers will recall reading or hearing about it when it was first mentioned, possibly on the 'wireless' (radio). Why? Well, that's because that decision was originally made in January 1946! Despite the recent announcement it's very likely that the process towards an eventual 'lift-off' may not be that smooth due to the likelihood of legal challenges centred on the environmental impact.

The business case for Heathrow seems very clear and as such the tens of thousands of jobs which will be created will ensure that many development opportunities will be forthcoming, not withstanding the need to provide short term accommodation for all the construction workers involved.

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