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It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings

Kelly Lemon, updates on her property portfolio activity

I am currently on a juice retreat for a week and I am about three days in. The weather is wonderful and my body is responding well to healthy juices and deep relaxation with some vigorous exercise in-between. It’s a welcome break after a few busy weeks…

On the HMO side of business I was quite shocked to see our appeal dismissed. However, with any refusal you get the chance of a ‘free go’ and you can put in another application at no extra cost, which is exactly what we have done. The great thing about refusals is you know exactly why the council won’t give you planning permission, which in theory means you can alleviate their concerns on the next application.

Unfortunately we will have another wait on our hands. However, I am interested to see whether, if we rectify the issues they have highlighted, if they will grant planning permission. I’ll keep you posted. What’s interesting though is that it has been another reminder that you need to have multiple exits. In our case we have been renting it as a six bedroom HMO for some time now and our numbers work on six so planning for more will simply be the cherry on top.

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