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Driverless Cars and Property

Veteran international investor John Corey comments

Let’s ignore what the driverless cars are capable of. That is a technology debate and not that rele-vant in this publication. What is interesting is the impact on transport and therefore on housing and commercial property. Of secondary importance is the wider topic of looking into the future; to spot trends before they happen.

Trends are not a prediction. They are a direction of travel plus an estimate of the magnitude. Not ‘if’ something will happen - more about the impact of it happening and the relevance to you.

For driverless cars, the technology will evolve to the point where they make sense. How society re-sponds is unknown other than to say when the price v’s benefit equation makes sense, then people will shift. It might take a generational change (the young who know nothing else will be more ac-cepting than folks who are used to gripping a steering wheel).

Looking around the corner
I like to say that I have become good at seeing around the corner. Spotting things early compared to the masses. Rather than think it has something to do with my genes, it mostly comes from living in the future earlier than most. My professional career has been all about doing things and working with others who invented the future which the masses think is new or a recent innovation. Being from Silicon Valley has its benefits.

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