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When The Cat’s Away, The Mice Will Play!

Kelly Lemon, a partner in Zest Property, updates on her property portfolio activity

When building our property portfolio my partner and I realised early on that we wanted flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere. This month our hard work paid off.

For those that read my update last month you’ll know that we are entering the final stages of our latest HMO conversion. However, this month we spent most of our time abroad. It was our first extended family holiday with our one-year-old daughter and that was a shock to the system in itself. Anybody who has been on holiday with a baby will know exactly what I mean!

Anyway, the building team still weren’t finished when we left for our holiday so we had to look at how we managed an active team whilst away. As expected we had the usual horror stories whilst away; a break in, the plumber putting a nail through critical pipework and causing a flood, oh and the painter fell out with the builder and decided to walk off the job! The reality is though that we spent very little time dealing with these issues (don’t forget we had a one-year-old to keep us busy). We used our former builder as a project manager for our current builder. This worked really well and helped us get the consistency when it came to the finish. We are on great terms with our former builder and he was happy to step into the role.

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