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It’s Not All Bricks and Mortar

Will Herrmann, founder and managing director at West Eleven, discusses the importance of partnering with an architect you can trust

The days of property developers only caring about making quick cash are over. There is now recognition amongst developers that we have a wider duty to create homes with attractive designs that positively impact the surrounding area. Therefore, the relationship between developer and architect has never been more important in order for projects to flourish.

There are a number of things that must be considered when choosing an architect to ensure that any project reaches its maximum potential. Everything from communication to control will be a factor that impacts the overall build and its success.

When choosing an architect to work with, research is essential. Before even arranging a meeting to discuss ideas, you must look at everything the potential architect has done previously to ensure you like their style and that it fits within your initial design ideas for the project and ultimately the end buyer. Additionally, ensure that the size of your project fits in with the size of the practice. If the development is larger scale, but you are looking at hiring a smaller firm who deals predominantly in small-scale builds, they might not be able to handle the task you have set, which in turn can set back overall timings, budgets and design.

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