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Lightvert: Where is The Advert?

Matthew Mainstone, partner in the planning team at Wedlake Bell LLP, comments

Lightvert is a new venture that will see light projections reflected from strips mounted on tall buildings to create advertisements in the sky up to 200 metres in height, visible only momentarily from certain angles on the ground.

Whilst some will welcome the concept as exciting technological progress, others will object to the further intrusion of corporate logos in the public realm. It may be difficult to see the venture succeeding in cities where moves are afoot to reduce urban advertising, but elsewhere the buzz surrounding new technology and the commercial benefits may get the upper hand.

Public perceptions aside, what consents will be required, and will property owners be able to take action to restrain any intrusions?

The display of advertisements in England is regulated by the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 (‘the Regulations’). Different regulations apply in Wales.  Planning permission will be deemed to be granted where advertisement consent is issued in accordance with the Regulations, and it need not be applied for separately.

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