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Building a Team

Tim Hodges of the Vincit Group comments

Two completions in one day is not a normal day for us and we are fortunate enough to be able to handle the extra workload.  We now have six active projects which are at various stages from a thirteen-unit development in Hornchurch to a two-unit development in Balham. Now I know there are some who would be more than capable to handle these projects on their own but I suspect there could be a price to pay along the way. For us, we firmly believe in immersing ourselves in individual roles to allow us to become more of an effective partner.  

To-date we have two acquisitions departments, myself in charge of development acquisitions and Thierry Lemaire is heading up the trading purchases. These are purchases that we sell straight into auction unlike our developments which have a twelve-month timeline. Harinder Paul is our Investor Relations Director who has been kept extremely busy over the last four weeks and credit to him as he's done an amazing job so far.

Prab Paul our CEO has been overseeing our projects once completion has taken place including liaising with our architects on the planning applications. More recently has been the arrival of Pav Paul who is now our Operations Manager and what a key role this has been for us. Up till four weeks ago each of the Directors was taking on the operational role for each of our projects which worked but it took our attention away from our core roles which wasn't ideal. So, with each Director having access to a P.A, then 2017 will be a productive year.

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