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How Strong is Cameron and Osborne's Housing Legacy?

More than 750,000 homes were built during their term of office, with final figures to be released in the coming months, but Natalie Elphicke, chief executive at The Housing & Finance Institute (HFI), says that David Cameron and George Osborne's housing legacy is the strongest of any government for a generation.

Elphicke adds: "This strong inheritance gives Theresa May and Phillip Hammond the opportunity to meet the Government's 1m homes by 2020 target."

The conventional wisdom is that Theresa May has inherited a full-blown housing crisis. The public is told that there aren't enough homes being built - and those that are being constructed are unaffordable for the vast majority of Brits.

But commenting on the legacy of the last government, Natalie Elphicke says: "It is true we have some serious housing challenges, but it is also a fact we have made some extraordinary steps forward since David Cameron and George Osborne took control in 2010.

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