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BRexit - No Change Here

The vote is in. We know what the majority want. We have no real idea how things will play out. It is too early. We do know that the UK political leaders have changed or will change almost across the board. How the rest of Europe changes or adapts is anyone's guess.
Does any of the above matter to you as a property investor? I am sure you can come up with a number of questions and concerns but I am just not sure any of them really matter to your success.

Let's assume that you do think it matters. Let me share with you three ways to think of the future and prepare for the unknown. Yes, no one can predict the future but we can prepare for an unknown future.

Why should we prepare? Because the way to make money in real estate over the long term is to stay in the game and to avoid becoming a motivated seller. Let the tenant pay the costs of keeping you fully invested. They get their living space plus financial flexibility while you reap the long term capital gains.

Scenario Planning
Scenario Planning is a methodology for dealing with an uncertain future. First, admit that no-one can predict the future. Second, look at somewhat extreme scenarios (future states). Third, find what is common across the scenarios. Take action focused on just the elements which are common.

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