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Editors intro July 2016

The old adage of 'I don't know whether to laugh or cry' seems quite appropriate for the UK's rapid descent into political chaos. Since the unexpected Referendum result was announced, we have seen a host of resignations including Prime Minister David Cameron and Nigel Farage alongside some quite bizarre politically chicanery from Michael Gove as he put an end to Boris Johnson's (current) ambitions towards 10 Downing St.

Acres of newsprint and countless online commentary have been devoted to covering the fall out from the most significant political decision in the UK for many decades, but our focus here is on property investment and not the minutiae of party political manoeuvring.

At one level little has changed in recent weeks as everyday life seems quite normal and there are thankfully no queues outside banks such as we had in 2007/8. Unlike the period which led onto the Great Recession, we do not have a liquidity crisis in banking and we are told by the Governor of the Bank of England that the banks are now very well capitalised.

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