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Stay on Target

Veteran international investor John Corey comments

There is a line from the first Star Wars film where a pilot is told to "stay on target". They are in the 'bomb run' to take out the Death Star. Look it up if you like but my point is this.: Does any of the recent noise about BrExit have relevance to the average BTL investor?

Politically, it clearly matters a lot but does it actually have relevance to the number of people who need a place to live? Demographics drive demand for rental housing; planning plays a big role in determining supply. Employment levels and a worker's wages determine what people can afford to spend on their housing needs, to own or on rent. Interest rates have a large impact on landlord's outgoings if debt is used. Where does BrExit actually come into the picture?

Some say that many of the more recent immigrants will return home - that they will leave Britain. As one of them myself, I am not sure many will change their lives if we change the passport that they need. What is going to happen to the British living in the EU? Will they then return home if they need a visa to live across the Channel? With over 2m Brits living in the EU yet outside of the UK, does anyone know how or when they might be forced to return? Maybe we can organise a 'prisoner exchange' of sorts. EU workers leaving the UK traded for retired Brits returning from France and Spain.

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