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Recovery in Confidence

Nick Clark of The Property Investor Show at Excel talks with the editor Richard Bowser

It's now fourteen years since I went along in 2001 to the Home Buyer Show at London's Excel Centre to clarify my thoughts on launching 'Property Investor News™' magazine. A year later Nick Clark and his loyal team including the redoubtable Kelly Talbot, who has worked with Nick for over twenty years, had launched their first 'Property Investor Show' at Excel and we have exhibited with them at some thirty or so events around the UK since then.

I met up with Nick and Mike Doyle, the Managing Director of the show, to talk over the recent October event but to also discuss what might be happening in 2015.

Most readers would confirm that compared with a year or so ago, there does seem more confidence around about property investment and this was reflected in more people attending various property events throughout 2014.

I asked Nick: How had the last year been for the Property Investor Show?

"2014 was a decent year for us - but that is too simplistic an answer - as indeed is looking back only 12 months. Let's look at a longer time line. From our vantage point the impact of the 2007 crash was still being felt in late 2010. But since 2011 we have seen clear evidence of recovering confidence - and 2014 moved that confidence level up several notches."

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