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Some Things Are Obvious

Veteran international investor John Corey comments

One of the nice things about demographics is many of the key factors are well known. If you want to know how many people will reach retirement age, you first have to look at how many people were born 65 or so years ago. Adjusting for death and a few other things, the birthrate really does tell you what to expect.

Housing Demand
For some time now the various UK governments of different parties, have stated that the UK needs something between 200,000 and 250,000 new housing units to be built per year just to keep up with the growing population, the shift to smaller families and people living longer, along with replacement of outdated buildings.

It is so obvious that few will argue about the numbers. We might debate some details around the fringe and the costs. There is rarely an argument that there just needs to be more built and that the present annual rate of construction (100-150,000) is way below the target.

What Should You Do?
We can have all the moaning and groaning we like. My 'USA attitude' says whinging is nothing more than an excuse to justify why someone is doing nothing.

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