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Trials and Tribulations with a Motivated Vendor

Stewart Staband's recounts on his recent trials and tribulations with a motivated vendor

Acceptance: I meditate every day and one thing it has taught me is to accept life's challenges. At the point when you notice you are resisting is the moment you accept. For those who do meditate this will make sense, to those who don't, you are missing out.  

The Croydon deal previously mentioned here that I nearly missed out on is now taking a different direction, or as some would say, a 'curve ball' has been thrown; more on that later.

Sadly, no new (personal) deals have been forth coming mainly due to my out of date marketing which obviously needs tweaking.

However, the new business venture that I have started is looking promising. We've had an offer accepted on a very auspicious project. It consists of a commercial property with two flats and the potential to acquire planning for two one bedroom flats. A potential gross development value (GDV) of £1,120,000 with a purchase price of £500,000. With a great location in south-west London I can't help but feel a sense of adulation for our new venture. Time will tell.

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