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Recession: Are we Being Told The Truth?

Property developer and landlord Phil Stewardson offers his latest thoughts

The recession is over, or so we are told, and evidence abounds that certainly seems to prove it.

Droves of first-time buyers are steadily venturing into the property market, house prices are rising across the entire country and the UK commercial property sales are really gathering pace with predictions it could smash through the £50bn barrier this year.

But for me, the real question is how real and sustained will the recovery be, and is what we're being told actually true?

From the last boom we learnt that when the price of assets such as stocks, shares and property rise, experienced investors pile in early. They then use their know-how and experience to sell to 'newbies', who are lured in by rich pickings and think the upward trend will last forever, at prices close to, or at, the top of the market.

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