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Angles vs. Fundamentals

Earlier this month I was a presenter and co-host at an educational day event with the focus on finance and how to shift from being a BTL transaction-based borrower to someone who is pre-approved and pre-funded before hunting for the next property.

Most readers will probably acknowledge that you can get a better deal as a buyer when you present the offer as 'all cash', with no financing contingencies. Over the course of the day some questions were raised that had me thinking about how other investors view the market.

At about the time I was writing this article the Chancellor of the Exchequer was delivering his Autumn Statement. There were a few topics that were speculated on before the statement in respect of stamp duty, tax on capital gains for non-UK resident investors and similar.

Clearly the policy and tax regulations are not something the average BTL investor can control. We react to the conditions as we find them rather than assuming we can set the conditions. Similar to the weather, 'it is what it is' and how you respond is the key.

I am always trying to understand how other investors think and see the market. What do people want to understand better and where do they have gaps which they are not aware of currently?

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