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Editor's Introduction

Richard Bowser's introduction from January 2012

As some of our long-term regular readers will be well aware, we have always attempted to offer a balanced editorial approach in our reporting. Some people, often those with a less than subtle property sales agenda looking for the next mug to fleece, have accused us on occasions of sometimes being negative in our ongoing fact based reporting.

This hype free stance was taken quite deliberately, and over the ten years of publishing this magazine we have regularly offered readers a quite sharp contrast to some alternative opinions expressed within some other print and online media and also at some property networking events, where hype and sales spin is sadly all too often the accepted and unquestioned norm.

However this particular edition contains what I believe are some of the most enlightening and thought provoking articles that we have published in recent months.

Those who believe that investing in property for the long term with a pragmatic approach to risk, will I am sure, learn a great deal by reading the fascinating and detailed account on page 22 of two

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