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Simon Allen of Total Business Finance comments

Well George Osborne really pulled one out of the bag in his July Budget with the changes in tax relief and since then the phones haven't stopped with everyone asking the same question - 'Do I now borrow through a limited company?'

As usual my favourite phrase is used "it depends". Firstly take professional advice from your accountant as everybody's personal circumstances are different. Make sure they specialise in property and ideally are also a landlord.

To assist them work out your property plan for say 1, 3 and 5 years and longer term if known. If you are going to buy your first property and nothing else then the advice you need will be very different to someone buying 10 a year.

Arranging a limited company mortgage is very different to a BTL mortgage and knowing what your strategy is will assist your broker when deciding which lender to place you with. Also bear in mind that company taxation may not always be the same.

So what choice do I have, what kind of mortgages are available and what should I look for? The three most important questions you need to ask are:

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