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Tenancy Lengths and The Call For Longer Term Tenancies

Sally Lawson CEO of Concentric Lettings comments

The debate trundles on, as to whether the PRS needs to have standardised or longer term tenancies in place for all tenants, but it does pose the question - With some tenancies being for literally hundreds of thousands in the city of London, from wealthy business people in the City to other tenancies for just a few hundred per month in the north let to LHA tenants or low income families, how can one size really fit all?

Longer term tenancies, could be both a good thing and a bad thing and I really can see both sides…as landlords and letting agent, we all want the PRS to be the tenure of choice, therefore offering more security for tenants. This can only be a good thing, but should this be at the expense of the landlord's choice?

The issues are that the current proposals on the table are not fit for purpose for all sectors and do not solve the issues at hand. The PRS houses such a range of families, singles, commercial, professionals, those in transit, short term, long term, settled and very unsettled families, how can we serve all with one contract?

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