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Landlord & tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson of www.landlordlaw.co.uk answers your questions

Q. I have been reading about the abolition of section 21. Has this happened yet, or can I still use it?

A. There are proposals to abolish the no-fault ground for possession in section 21, but at the time of writing, this has not happened yet. The Renters Reform Bill is currently winding its way through the Parliamentary procedure but has not yet received the Royal Assent.

So, for now you can still use section 21. However, note that there are a number of prerequisites which need to be satisfied before a valid section 21 notice can be served.

Q. I rented out my flat to tenants last year but forgot to serve the gas safety certificate, which I had obtained earlier that year. Does this mean I can’t use section 21 now to evict the tenant? 

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