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Landlord Legal Issues - February 2022

Landlord & tenant lawyer, Tessa Shepperson of www.landlordlaw.co.uk answers your questions

Q. I am pretty sure that one of my tenants has been tampering with the electricity. His usage is practically nothing compared to the other tenants. What should I do about this? Should we tell the Police?

A. You can do but probably the best people to contact are the Revenue Protection Officer for the relevant utility. They have right of entry so they can investigate and take steps to recover the money. They are more likely to take action than the police.  

If you contact your electricity company, they will put you in touch with them.

Q. I served a section 21 notice on my tenant by sticking it on the door (as there is no letter box). As they failed to vacate, I started proceedings. On my certificate of service where it says ‘How did you serve the documents?’ - I ticked ‘by other means permitted by the court’ and specified "by personal service at 2pm to the flat door". I have dated photos of myself with the notice and showing that I left the notice attached to the door, but did not include them with the court paperwork.

I have now been ordered to attend a hearing in a few weeks’ time and also ordered to file a statement explaining the circumstances in which I "left the Section 21 Notice the property" and how this would have come to the attention of the defendant. Fortunately, the defendant has now vacated, but for future reference, what should I have done differently?

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