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Flood Risk - What to Consider if You Are Buying a Property?

Phil Robinson, senior associate solicitor at Hethertons Solicitors, comments

The UK has been hit by horrendous flooding in recent weeks that has left people displaced and properties destroyed.

Questions are already being asked as to why so many homes have been affected by the recent flooding and why sufficient defences weren’t in place.

However, with more than 11,000 homes in England likely to be built on land at high risk of flooding, according to Green Peace and The Guardian, many more homeowners will likely be affected by floods in years to come.

Buying a home is a significant milestone in most people’s lives and so great consideration must be given to choosing the right home and having thorough checks and searches conducted to ensure everything meets the needs of the purchaser and seller.

Few would want to move into a home that is at risk of flooding, which is why it is a factor considered at various points during the transaction.

Depending on the information received at those stages it may flag up further enquiries or may cause the whole transaction to stop altogether.
During the process of buying a home, you will be required to read and digest a lot of information. A key document is the Property Information Form completed by all sellers. As part of this they are asked: “Has any part of the property (whether buildings or surrounding garden or land) ever been flooded? If yes please state when the flooding occurred and identify the parts that flooded.”

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