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Landlord Legal Issues October 2016

Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law answers your questions

Q. I have a tenant on housing benefit - she is a good tenant and looks after the property really well but struggles to pay her rent. She would like it paid to me direct by the benefit office but they won't do this - is there any other option?

A. Yes, many credit unions offer special accounts where the benefit money is paid in and then the rent amount is ring-fenced and paid out to you with the rest of the money going to the tenant.

A similar service is also provided by Tasker Payment Services at www.taskerpaymentservices.co.uk

Q. I need to sell my property as I need the money for personal reasons. However, my tenant is refusing to co-operate and allow potential purchasers access and says he has a right to demand that I sell the property to him at a reduced price. He is on an AST. Is he right?

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