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2018 – Landlords Decide to Sell and Sellers Decide to Become a Landlord?

A pullback in the buy-to-let (BTL) market is threatening to reduce prices further in London and parts of the South East during 2018, while Yorkshire and the North West are being lined up as the next boom areas, according to latest housing market predictions from property website home.co.uk.

The tail end of 2017 has already seen the supply of homes rocket across the UK.

At the same time the number of rental properties on the market has shrunk, suggesting that increasing pressures in the BTL market is causing swathes of landlords to cash in on their investments.

Between November 2017 and November 2016 the number of new sales instructions jumped by 11% across the UK, while at the same time the supply of rental properties fell by 16%.

This increase in supply is set to continue throughout 2018, says Home.co.uk, which will put considerable downward pressure on house prices next year.

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