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New Site Allows Tenants to Rate and Review Their Landlord

Marks Out of Tenancy is a new website that allows tenants to rate and review their landlord – but is this TripAdvisor-style service a good thing for the private rental sector?

The company says that the key purpose of the site is to make renting better for everyone involved. It gives tenants the ability to rate and review their landlord, letting agent, rental property and even neighbourhood.

The site has recently rolled out a huge update that allows landlords to give their thoughts also, allowing both sides of the story to be told. These systems ensure that only the correct landlords can respond to the right reviews.

How else can landlords benefit?

  • You can now respond to tenant reviews
  • Landlords can display their association or affiliation badges
  • Let tenants know if you accept housing benefit
  • Secure and verify your landlord profile
  • Receive notifications when you’re reviewed
  • Receive notifications when your replies have been responded to.

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