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Welfare Reforms - A Wake up Call for Landlords

I recently delivered a couple of workshops at the National Landlords Conference which took place in Manchester in November. The conference organisers had given me a blank canvass and up until a few days before, my intention had been to concentrate my talk on the impact of the January 2012 Shared Accommodation legislative changes. However, in the days immediately beforehand my attention was drawn to the increased media interest, and associated Ministerial statements, relating to the wider Welfare Reform agenda and so I decided to focus my attention on this as my topic of discussion.

Did I make the right decision?
Well, one of the NLA delegates commented: "Your presentation this morning had the same effect as a dose of Prozac taken intravenously". I wasnt sure if this was meant as a compliment or criticism - you make up your own mind!

So what is the Coalition Government hoping to do?
Well, its main aims are very laudable:

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