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Two Projects From Hell

Property developer Immanuel Ezekiel talks with Editor Richard Bowser

Not every property development project goes exactly to plan and the more complex and larger the scheme, the more likely it is that things can and often do go awry.

When we met recently, Immanuel Ezekiel recounted the tale of two his more recent residential developments, and I once again reflected on that old adage about property development being for the brave or foolish.

Immanuel is a very well known and highly experienced developer in the Greater London region with decades of experience, but it’s fair to say that the recent pandemic was quite a challenging period for him and his team as he had various projects underway at that time. Before we discussed the recently completed ones I asked him how he had started out in property development.

“Embarking on my property journey in my 30s,” said Immanuel, “I set out like many did to create a personal pension, progressing from being a successful Buy-to-Let landlord to managing a diverse portfolio comprising flats, houses, HMOs, serviced accommodation, and commercial properties. However, the real turning point occurred when I delved into
property development.

“Utilising my financial expertise through owning a thriving mortgage brokerage, I went beyond conventional funding by employing people and my communication skills to devise creative finance strategies. This approach not only expanded my portfolio but it also paved the way for innovative property development projects. From initially renovating one-bedroom flats to converting houses into multiple units and undertaking large-scale new build ventures, my foray has spanned the spectrum of property development.

“My properties are located in north, south and west London as well as in Essex, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire. Each property signifies more than a financial asset; it represents positive changes within these quite diverse geographical areas.” 

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