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Family Ties to Property Run Deep

Richard Little, property developer and consultant, talks with Richard Bowser

Richard Little’s opening words; “Property is in the blood as my father got involved in construction back in the 1950’s, and I joined him in 1976. It was a long hot summer and I started at the bottom, carrying bricks etc. as an apprentice.” underline to me that this is someone with a great deal of experience in the property construction industry. In an age where there is so much focus on digital technology and 24/7 marketing with social media, it was quite refreshing to talk with someone who has such a deep understanding of the practical side of the property development sector as well as an understanding of investing.

“Over the four decades as developers ourselves, with various partners or as contractors we have built around 3,000 properties with 90% of those being new build and also converted around 300 units over that period.

“The projects range from converting buildings locally in Shropshire for farmers, creating some new houses on the farmland to also working with some of the big names in construction such as Barratt and Persimmon. We have worked with councils on their estates at the lower end but have never really got into what most people would consider a ‘high-end’ product. We were always a ‘bread and butter’ developer, creating lots of boxes for normal people earning average incomes as opposed to building mansions costing millions.

“Our main patch from the mid-1970’s to the 1990’s was the A1 corridor out of north London up towards Peterborough and that’s where the bulk of the 3,000 units we have built over 40 odd years have been constructed, working with various developers and contractors. In the last twenty years we have done a variety of projects in Gloucester and locally in Shropshire but more recently quite far afield across England.

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