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Getting Off The Treadmill

It is quite likely that most readers will more than once have heard the marketing adage to new property investors to ‘give up the day job…and create a property portfolio’. A simple slogan and although many do succeed and create wealth from property, it’s a fact that some people although well meaning at the outset, just don’t have the ambition, skill-sets and the levels of dogged perseverance required to succeed in property investment.

As such it was enlightening to meet up with Bronwen Vearncombe and her husband John in Southampton recently to talk over their quite rapid progress in property investing and to hear how they have now realised some of their personal ambitions.

“Like many people, just three years ago we were commuting full-time into London,” explains Bronwen, “juggling our careers with the demands of having teenage children. Property investment was appealing as it offered an opportunity to get out of the daily grind as I worked in the banking sector and John was in I.T. Thankfully we had shares and savings on deposit but when we analysed the likely returns ahead we decided to look at the alternative of putting money into property.  

“And that’s what we did initially by buying a flat to let out in Winchester but we realised that replacing our income from property would not be achieved that easily and that we had to commit more time and effort. We decided to look at getting educated in property investment so we could have a better balance to our lives and that was the primary reason why we chose property investing.

“Initially we bought a book, then went along to a few networking events and started to realise that it was actually possible. So we took the plunge and signed up to a three-day course to evaluate the strategies, and then went on to do a year-long programme with Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind programme which really has made a difference.

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