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HMO Property - 21st Century Style

Over the years I've been inside many a HMO property, both before and after a refurbishment has taken place and more often than not the standard of finish and furnishing could at best be described as being 'satisfactory' but not exactly inspiring.

So when I recently returned to St Albans in Hertfordshire to conclude on an investor interview and final video shoot, my expectations were understandably based on my previous experiences.

"Wow, when can I move in?" was my initial reaction when walking through the front door of the HMO property and it was made to Kevin Edge, a long standing magazine subscriber whose latest development project I had come along to view.

I'd previously been at this development site some three months earlier in June of this year at around the 'first fix' stage with loose wiring hanging everywhere, and with walls still being plastered and so to see the product in its almost finished stage was a real eye-opener.

Alongside Kevin was his partner Anna, who clearly has a great eye for interior design as the photos in this article demonstrate.
"It's been a hard three months but now we are almost finished, and to see people's very positive reactions when they first come through the doorway makes it all worthwhile," says Kevin.

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