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Investor Interview: The Smiths

Kelly Lemon interviews Neath based investors Marta & Lloyd Smith

Lloyd and Marta met in Amsterdam and a holiday romance soon turned into something more serious when Marta, originally from Poland, moved to Manchester to start a life with Lloyd. However, it wasn't quite the life she had envisaged. "We didn't have any grand plans or visions. We just wanted a business that would allow us to work together and see more of each other."

After leaving the air force in 2001 and trying his hand at various jobs, Lloyd decided he wanted to train in something in which he could start his own business and he chose to become an electrician. After training at night school for three years Lloyd realised his goal and became self employed and contracted for others.

His work took him to Afghanistan and Iraq and when Marta moved to the UK he was working in London during the week and coming home at weekends. The money was good, but as always, there was a catch.  Lloyd and Marta hardly saw each other. Marta had given up a legal career to move to the UK. Her degree wasn't valid in the UK so she either had to start all over again or work as a legal PA.

In 2013 whilst the couple were living in Manchester Lloyd's grandmother died and left him her unencumbered house in Scotland. There was an existing tenant in the property and to begin with Lloyd and Marta let the property tick over. However, when the tenant moved out Marta and Lloyd saw an opportunity to do something with the dated property and fulfil their dream of working together. So they both quit their jobs and moved to Scotland to renovate the property and sell it. Lloyd says he had seen the transformation of several houses as he worked on building sites and now he saw an opportunity to do it for himself. With that the decision was made and the working partnership formed.

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