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Local knowledge really matters

Rachael Troughton talks with PIN editor Richard Bowser

Successful property investors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and it's always fascinating to hear just how and why people get the property 'bug'. My recent meeting with Rachael Troughton and her husband Jeremy was one of the more memorable meetings and it took place in Stoke on Trent, which is where the busy couple continues to develop their property business and portfolio. As a former tank commander in the Queens Royal Hussars, Jeremy is clearly well equipped for dealing with 'awkward' situations so the challenges of tenants and property management should not pose too much of  a problem in comparison.

I ask Rachael how they started out in property investing and why they chose 'Stoke'.

"I previously had a fair bit of property experience in Germany when my husband was stationed there with the Army and I took on a role dealing with family accommodation and became responsible for the MOD's housing stock. Upon our return to England I saw a TV programme about property and thought 'that's not too difficult to do as it's all about man-management and maths' and realised it could well become a rather interesting career."

What really attracted you towards property investing? "I liked the idea of being in control of my investment money pot. I had a stock's and shares portfolio, and resented any loss of value caused by someone else's decision. I would rather make my own mistakes. Our first investment purchase around Salisbury in Hampshire worked very well but the second was more of a challenge, which was when I understood that I really needed a good builder on board.

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