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Herd Instinct Proves Profitable

Frazer Fearnhead talks with the Editor, Richard Bowser

Turn the clock back to early 2012 and if you asked anyone in property circles about 'crowd funding' you would have very likely been met with a blank look. Yet in just three years the 'democratisation' of funding property deals is now more widely recognised and barely a week goes by without a new crowd funding initiative being announced.

In March 2012, Frazer Fearnhead, a long-term subscriber to 'Property Investor News', launched The House Crowd, which was back then the world's first crowd-funding company focused on property investment. In the last three years the company has raised £9.5m with an average investment of around £9,000 from its individual investors.  

I met up with Frazer just a few weeks ago at the company's office in Hale, Cheshire to talk about crowd-funding and property market trends.

Firstly Frazer, can you clarify how and why you got into property investing? "My grandfather started an estate agency that my father, a chartered surveyor, built up into a number of branches and sold to Prudential", he replies. "I used to go along with him as a kid and 'help' him do surveys, so to some extent property has always been in my blood. However, for some strange reason I decided to go into the legal profession.

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