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Structuring Property Deals

Mark Stokes, co-founder of EquaAcademy shares a defining case study highlighting the importance of structuring property deals

Several years ago my business partner of 24 years and fellow SSAS Trustee, Nigel Greene identified a wonderful commercial property in Colchester, Essex which consisted of five commercial properties under a single title. The property was located in the old part of Colchester, the oldest City in England, and was set just off a highly desirable cobbled High Street, popular with boutique retail shops and service industries such as estate agents and café’s, all with considerable footfall.

At the time of acquisition the properties consisted as follows:

a. Commercial lease for a café with several years remaining on the lease
b. Tattoo parlour with three months remaining on its lease
c. Vacant shop
d. Vacant dance studio/shop
e. Clothing repair business with two years remaining on the lease

The property was in a position where, with our specialist knowledge of commercial property, we saw the potential to drive significant value and appreciation into this asset.

The two diagrams show how we have secured and developed multiple phases of additional value that will serve our families for decades to come. The combination of property, business and SSAS pension knowledge really is that powerful!

The following identifies the key steps in the process that complement the diagrams to give you a really deep dive into how knowledge, experience and action can come together to achieve dynamic value creation:

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