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Knowing When to Pause, Pivot or Persevere in a Fast-Changing Market

Property developer Anna Harper comments

Knowing when, why and how to review and ‘pause, pivot or   persevere’ is universally important: in property investment, business affairs, and many other aspects of life from health to hobbies.

In investment, it’s never been more relevant than in this increasingly complex, challenging and fast-changing UK property market. Strategies and tactics that once worked brilliantly are becoming outdated, and new approaches to property investment are arising with almost every month that passes.

Reviewing and identifying what to put on pause, what to pivot or change within your approach, and what to persevere with as an investor or business owner, can help you decide what activities you want to focus on, move away from dead-ends and move towards approaches which are more likely to deliver your targets. Going with, rather than against, the grain of what is happening in the market.

On a personal level, I’ve taken the last few months to review my property investment activities, and decide which aspects to pause, pivot and persevere with. It’s been a great opportunity to understand what is working, plus what is likely to work and what is not. It’s taken time and effort, but already I feel more optimistic than ever about the strength of my business capabilities, and the future results.

I wanted to share the approach I’m taking, as I think it could be relevant and useful for so many others, whatever their current property, investment or business focus.

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