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Windows Into The Future

Jagoda Duda talks about how she uses Computer Generated Images (CGI) in property development

These beautiful words by Horace; “A picture is a poem without the words” come to me every time when starting a new property project and it gets me excited.

In the property business we talk a lot about ‘return on investment’ (ROI), gross development value (GDV), and the numbers of rooms or units. We are trying to minimise cost by investing only in what’s necessary rather that looking for opportunities to raise the value through selling the dream - not just bricks and mortar.

We are looking to maximise our profit by making sure we squeezing as much as possible from every square foot by reducing dead space and creating open plan living areas. We are using 2D drawings to present it to the planning committee and to investors and potential buyers. But does this really show the full potential of your development?

Can you occupy a person’s mind space long enough to make them fall in love with your project, just with flat black lines on an A1 sheet of paper? Can they actually size up an apartment by looking at drawing in scale 1:50?

Build showrooms in 14 days
The beauty of using 3D modelling and CGI lies in building your apartments in a ‘virtual space’ firstly. You can place yourself inside the living room or bedroom and experience your work in 1:1 scale. You can play with finishes before the schedules are done and signed off.

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